About Me

My name is Nicholas Andros Loizou. I am coming to end of my PhD study at the University of Manchester, which is concerned with examining the relationship between Edwardian Liberalism and provincial nonconformity between 1867 and 1914. Before my PhD, I completing an M.A in Modern European History in 2012 at Manchester, having already completed my undergraduate studies.


My research interests include the Victorian political and religious history, the history of ideas, historical methodology, history of journalism and the application of computation in the digital humanities. Part of the reason why I wrote this site was explore the potential for digital humanities and computation methods for historians, particularly through data mining and analysis.


I have also worked as an intern at the John Rylands Library, supporting the 'Rapture and Reason' project which involves a number of valuable Wesleyan conversion testimonies. My role involved critical appraisal of the materials, research mapping, archive promotion, textual analysis, expanding its web presence and data mining. Manchester University: Rapture and Reason 


This website was developed not only for the project, but also to explore new computer methods in history and digital humanities. One of the reasons I developed this website was to publish in more detail some of the computational tools I developed in my research, particularly in my PhD thesis.



I published Perl scripts and other resources so my methods are open source and open to scrutiny, considering that these tools were used in Chapter 5 of the thesis for quantitative analysis relating to parliamentary nonconformity and voting patterns for liberal legislation between 1906 and 1914. I have also been working on other web-based tools for textual analysis and data analysis. I am also engaged as an editorial assistant at Liverpool Hope University in support of a project for publishing an edited collection of Charles Wesley's letters, of which I am also a contributor and associate editor.